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USA - information and requirements for the importation of cats and dogs.

There is no official quarantine for cats and dogs entering mainland USA from the United Kingdom. The entry requirements vary from state to state and city to city - but most require that a rabies vaccination be given to the animals on arrival in the USA if there is no documentary proof that this has already been given. It is generally advisable in all cases that dogs and cats are vaccinated against rabies at least one month before their flight. No other vaccinations are specifically required but it is always advisable that your pets are up to date with their general vaccinations particularly if you think that they may need to be kennelled for any length of time.

For a fuller set of requirements you may contact the relevant State Veterinarian or the US Department of Agriculture for that State. Please see following web site for more information. US CDC Website

Official Export Health certificates from DEFRA/APHA in the UK and Import permits are not required except in the case of Hawaii. Airlines require assurance that your pet is healthy enough to fly. Therefore your pet must be inspected by a vet shortly prior to the flight (usually within a few days - maximum 10 in the case of British Airways and United Airlines) . The vet must then issue a fitness to fly (or private health) certificate or sign, date and stamp the relevant clinical examination section of the passport.

Veterinary Requirement if you wish to cover all bases

A Pet Passport issued by your vet is sufficient. To obtain this, you must first have your pet microchipped by your vet. The vet must then vaccinate your pet against rabies. Ideally, this should be done at least 30 days prior to the flight. Your pet is now ready to go and only needs the last minute health check. If you intend to return to the UK please see UK Government DEFRA/APHA Website.

During the hotter summer months and colder winter months transhipments of cats and dogs to non-international airports in the USA are generally not permitted because of temperature restrictions at various Airports. Some airlines operate a total embargo on excess livestock during the summer (American Airlines for example). Some airlines may also not be able confirm the flight until the morning of the shipment because of temperature restrictions. Cargo shipments with BA, Virgin and United usually don't have this problem.

International pet travel requires the use of an IATA (International Air Transport Association) approved air kennel that allow the animal to stand up and sit erect without touching the top of the box, lie down and turn around.

Direct flights can be arranged fom Heathrow/Gatwick and 2 leg flights (with either BA or United) can sometimes be arranged fom Manchester, Aberdeen, Edinburgh or Glasgow.

With information on the measurements of the animal(s) we can build Kennels (wood frame, plywood sides, wire mesh front) to fit.

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