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The Scenario

So, you've had enough of the UK. You're finally off to sunnier climes and emigrating somewhere more pleasant, with real Summers (emigration does have a serious upside to it) - perhaps to Spain , Portugal , Greece or Cyprus or maybe you are relocating somewhere further flung and/or exotic like United States , Canada , Australia , New Zealand or South Africa.

But - hang on just one cotton pickin' moment! - What about the family pet?

Rover or Tom just might want to upgrade nationalities as well and emigrate with you. Wherever you're going, we can probably help.

Pet Travel - The problem

International relocation with pets is often a minefield of legislation, veterinary import and export paperwork requirements and of course the logistics behind it all.

Pet Travel - The solution

It is advisable to consult with an experienced professional, conversant with exporting domestic animals. We aim to provide all the necessary advice and information in order to make this seemingly intimidating process as simple as possible.

The Red Tape

Your cat or dog must be shipped in an IATA approved Air pet travel Kennel of the correct size.

You must ensure that you have an Import Permit from the country of destination should it be required. Please see Countries page for more information.

You must ensure that your pet complies with the relevant vaccination and veterinary requirements of the country of destination.

You must ensure that you have the relevant Export Health Certificate from DEFRA/APHA or Fitness to Fly certificate.

You must ensure that you have contacted us in order to reserve cargo space with the airline and that this date ties in with all the other documentation.

About us

We are conveniently based at Heathrow - Most direct long haul international flights that are able to take animals depart only from Heathrow or Gatwick. Other departure airports (Manchester, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Glasgow) may be possible but in general the vast majority of BA flights will be routed through Heathrow.

Direct flights to holiday destinations in the Mediterranean may be able to be arranged from regional airports (Luton, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, East Midlands, Newcastle, Cardiff, Bournemouth, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen).

With over 20 years experience in shipping animals of all kinds, we aim to give a friendly and caring service ensuring that the best interests of your pets are addressed at all times.


Daft animated image of ringing phone   Tel :    0208 384 5020   Fax :    0208 384 5020

Lovely animated image of a sheet of paper going into an envelope   e-mail :

Please mail us with your telephone contact details and address, what pet(s) you have, their weights and measurements (see important information we require section below -please also confirm that the measurements were taken in this way and not in the standing position), nearest international airport to your final destination and approximately when you will be emigrating. We will get back to you.

Please note that we only export pet cats and dogs and only from mainland England/Scotland/Wales. We are unable to arrange imports into the UK as flights must be booked in the country of origin.

Our Services


Unless you have your own IATA compliant pet carrier of the correct size and construction, We will supply the requisite IATA pet travel kennel(s).

We will reserve space with the airline.

Pet is taken by yourself/family/friends to the airport of departure. If travelling from Heathrow, we will meet you there.

Optional Extras

We can collect your pet(s) from your home if you need us to.

We can board your pet(s) prior to the flight if required.

We can obtain export documentation and arrange preflight veterinary inspection if required.

We can give advice about and sometimes obtain Import permits (if required) on your behalf.


Arranging the necessary paperwork, complying with veterinary requirements, booking and confirming space with the Airline and getting the pet travel kennel(s) built all take time. Bearing this in mind it is recommended that as much notice as possible is given with an absolute minimum of 2 weeks for most destinations. It can sometimes be done in a shorter time frame than this (for example the United States and Canada) but it does depend on the destination. Animals are accepted under our Terms and Conditions.

Important - Information that we require

Before being able to provide any costings (ballpark quotes can sometimes be hundreds of pounds out per animal) we need to know the weight of your pet(s).

In the case of dogs only we also need the maximum height and the maximum length excluding tail.

Measurements should be as accurate as possible in inches or centimeters (please do not add a few inches "for comfort" as this is taken into consideration anyway).

For the Height measurement, please get your dog to sit up. In this position measure his/her vertical height from the ground by the front paws to either the top of the ears (if they at any time prick up) or the top of the head.

For the Length measurement, please get your dog to lay down. Irrespective of how he/she normally lies, the measurement required is from the base of the tail (end of bottom) to either the tip of the front paws or nose (whichever protrudes furthest).

The reason for this is to determine the correct pet travel kennel size. Your dog must be able to sit up in the kennel, be able to turn round and be able to lie down comfortably.


Unfortunately, due to airline charges and the logistics involved, it is not cheap. Unless you are travelling and paying for first class or business class travel, taking your pet(s) will, in general, cost more than your own airfare. Try not to let this put you off the whole idea - We do aim to give a competitive quotation to you based on the information supplied. Prices are usually dictated by the size of the transit kennel(s) used (not weight) and these are in turn dictated by the size of your pet (see above for measuring instructions).

Heathrow Kennels

The Doggery

Heathrow Kennels is located just 3 miles from the Heathrow cargo area. However it is in a pleasant rural area where there is minimal noise from aircraft. Its proximity to the airport ensures that your pet is in the transit kennel for the minimum amount of time prior to the flight.A choice of dog food is provided and special diets can be catered for. All dogs must be up to date with general vaccinations. Directions - Street Map



Paws Cattery

The Cattery

The cattery is located on the South West corner of Heathrow, less than 2 miles from the main cargo area. It too is in a pleasant (but slightly noisier) rural area. Its proximity to the airport ensures that your pet is in the transit kennel for the minimum amount of time prior to the flight. A choice of cat food is provided and special diets can be catered for. All cats must be up to date with general vaccinations. Directions - Street Map



Coming back to the UK with your pet

If you are intending to travel back to the UK with your pet at some point in the future you may wish to visit the DEFRA (Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) pet travel scheme website which gives all current information on the pet travel scheme (PETS) including participating countries, routes and airlines. Basic rules, links and helpful information are on our pet travel scheme page.

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