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Australia: Summary information and requirements for importing cats and dogs from England, Wales and Scotland only.

For full and current information which is updated on a continual basis please see AQIS Bringing Cats and dogs to Australia

Dogs and cats must be shipped in IATA approved transit kennels that allow the animal to stand up and sit up without touching the top of the box, lie down in a natural position and turn around. It is a requirement that dogs and cats are shipped to Australia as manifest cargo and not as excess baggage.

As from 23rd November 2015 there is only one Quarantine Kennels in Australia based in Melbourne (Mickleham) so animals must enter Australia at this airport. Please see Mickleham Post Entry Quarantine Facility. If you are unable to collect your pet(s) at the end of the quarantine period, arrangements for movement of pets from these Kennels to other cities in Australia may be possible but would have to be made with a pet moving company based in Australia. Mickleham Quarantine Station Mickleham Quarantine Station generally has availability for dogs and cats at any time. We recommend that you make the quarantine booking at least 2 months prior to expected flight date.

Current Rules - For all Import Permits issued after July 2014 - process as follows:

Procedure for both Dogs and Cats

Step 1

Ring DEFRA/AHVLA/APHA - Carlisle 01228 403 600 option 1 then option 3 or email your enquiry to Ask for application forms (Export Health Certificate and EXA1) for cat/dog going to Australia along with vet guidance notes.

For both Dogs and Cats:Export Health Certificate application form DEFRA Exp App Form EXA1

For Dogs: DEFRA Export Health Certificate 2580 Australia Dog along with notes to help fill in this application DEFRA Export Application 2580EHC Notes for Guidance and PDF Export Application Info

For Cats: DEFRA Export Health Certificate 2432 Australia Cat along with notes to help fill in this application DEFRA Export Application 2432EHC Notes for Guidance and PDF Export Application Info

Please be aware that the DEFRA documents above may not be completely up to date. DEFRA will reject applications not on current paperwork.

Australia considers the UK (and the rest of the EU) to be a category 3 country. Your pet will spend a minimum of 10 days in quarantine. Category 3 rules mean that at least 7 months prior to entry into Australia you will need to ensure that your pet is microchipped and then vaccinated against rabies. Puppies and kittens must not be vaccinated against rabies at less than 3 months of age. A blood sample for a rabies blood test (RNATT) must be taken about a month after this. Your pet will not be allowed to fly until at least 180 days has elapsed from this date. Rabies blood sample/test is valid for up to 24 months prior to entry. Rabies vaccination is also required to be current and there needs to be an unbroken record since the blood test - check validity period - dependent on manufacturer, vaccination can be valid for either 1 or 3 years. Please see DEFRA (APHA) Export Heath Certificate and Australian Department of Agriculture Website for full rules.

Step 2

Once you have the Rabies blood test laboratory report, apply for import permit(s). Timing - ideally not less than 3 months prior to proposed export date. Your vet will need to complete the RNATT declaration form. You may also need to complete the Veterinary declaration form. These forms will need to be scanned into your computer and attached to the application along with a copy of the blood test laboratory report (Biobest or AHVLA/APHA only). The Import Permit is currently valid for up to one year. You need an Import permit before you can book space with the Quarantine Station. The Import Permit should be obtained from Australian Quarantine Import Services. Application can only be made online from the BICON website - the application must be lodged electronically. Cost AUD 480 for first animal then AUD 240 for each subsequent animal in the same shipment. See Import Permit Fees. All animals must be microchipped and rabies blood tested before an Import Permit can be applied for. One import application must be completed for each animal.

Mickleham/AQIS Live Animals - Permit Application helpline - Tel: +61 3 8318 6700 (International) or 1 800 900 090 from Australia. E-mail

Step 3

Once you have the permit and as soon as you know the rough date you would like the animal(s) to travel and preferably at least 2 months prior (otherwise you will be taking a risk that there is no space) contact relevant Quarantine Kennel and ensure that there is space for your pet(s). Make provisional quarantine Online Reservation before making flight booking with us. Date can be adjusted afterwards as necessary.

Once we confirm the flight booking, go back to them and reconfirm exact date of arrival and flight details if asked for.

You must pay for the quarantine charges at least 2 weeks prior to arrival.

From the UK it is a requirement that dogs and cats complete a minimum 10 days in Quarantine.

Current minimum costs are about A$1800 per animal. Charges include Import Levy A$1200.00 and boarding A$290.00 (10 days at A$29.00) for each dog/cat. Other charges include examination of the animal(s) at A$30.00 per animal per quarter-hour per staff member (majority of cases require half an hour per animal and 2 staff members). Lodgement of a quarantine entry form is A$33.00 per animal. Documentation clearance is A$30.00 per animal and a further A$40.00 per quarter hour if additional information is required. Veterinary treatment and supplies are extra and at cost. Airline Import handling is about A$100. Quarantine Charge includes collection from the airport. (last checked 10/05/17).

Please check Quarantine facilities and fees for more information and up to date charges.

Step 4

Now that you have the exact date of export you are in a position to apply to DEFRA/AHVLA/APHA for the Export Health Certificate. This will be sent by post directly to your vet approximately 2 weeks prior to the flight. We can help you with the application form if required.

The application forms can be obtained from Carlisle DEFRA/AHVLA/APHA Animal Health Office - Tel 01228 403 600 option 1 then option 3 or email your enquiry to

Step 5 - approximately 45 days prior to flight - click Final Veterinary Schedule below

Final Veterinary Schedule

Last updated 30/05/2018

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