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New Zealand - Final Vet Schedule for the export of cats and dogs from the UK.

In the case of Dogs only

d) Extra blood tests are required for:

Dirofilaria (Heartworm) ELISA antigen test (within 30 days of flight) unless it's a puppy under 6 months old,

Leptospira canicola MAT (within 30 days of flight - or specific treatment with antibiotics).

Brucella canis RSA, (within 16 days of flight),

Babesia Gibsonii IFA (within 16 days of flight), *** this test is currently done abroad – samples are sent from the UK and test is performed on only two days per week so it is critical that the sample gets to Weybridge as early as possible ***

All above must be submitted to DEFRA/AHVLA/APHA Weybridge and come back with negative results (more tests/treatments will need to be done if any positive results are obtained). The blood test results MUST accompany the Export Health Certificate

Test submission form for vet AHVLA Blood Test Submission Form

Blood tests and laboratory costs ex VAT on following two pages: AHVLA Blood Test - Serology and AHVLA Blood Test - Virology, Bacteriology and Parasitology

MAF/MPI New Zealand does allow for other versions of the Babesia test but the above seems to be the easiest.

Treatment for heartworm (milbemycin or moxidectin) must also be given within 4 days of export.

For both Cats and Dogs:

e) On two occasions, at least 14 days apart and both being within 30 days of export, treatment must be given for internal parasites (nematodes, cestodes) with Drontal or Milbemax at recommended dosage. Final worming treatment must be given within 4 days of export and on two occasions, also at least 14 days apart and both being within 30 days of export, Treatment with an insecticidal dip must be given for external parasites (Fipronil - Frontline) at recommended dosage. Final tick and flea treatment must be given within 2 days of export.

f) A written declaration regarding breed, UK residency status, age and pregnancy as required in the health certificate.

Other information

Runnymede Hill Vet Hospital 01784 436367 - Heathrow Portal Veterinarians - they can answer any questions re blood tests or drugs to be used for treatments.

Testing lab administration at VLA Weybridge 01932 357902

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